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Artist’s Statement;

I believe a true work of art must be able to move people, convey feelings and entreat past recollections. Also, I believe it is sometimes the job of the artist/designer to surprise and go against the grain or perhaps even perturb the patron or art lover’s preconceptions.

I strive for expressive idioms in my work where the viewer might experience not only an emotional response, but hopefully an intellectual one as well.

My hope is that this artistic philosophy might conjure up images in people's minds beyond the actual work they are viewing. It is my desire that this might make them a bit happier.

Art can be a wonderful transitional opportunity, namely by providing contingency for the art lover to enhance their perception of the world. Some will consciously choose not to do this. Others will be delightfully rewarded by the odyssey.

The paradox however is that this sort of endeavor is inconsonant for most due to the clamor of everyday modern life. The daily drudgery of jobs, taxes, responsibilities and the constant shriek of the media often cripples our abilities to grasp aesthetic beauty and live life to it’s fullest.

My art offers respite from everyday realities for me, and will hopefully do the same for you the viewer.

Shall we undertake the journey together?


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